August 14, 2022


Fix a sagging mattress for a more comfortable night’s sleep

If you’re looking for how to fix a sagging mattress, chances are your mattress has seen better days. It happens to most of us at some point, even if you have invested in the best mattress one day you realize the support is gone and you sink into a dip. It may not seem like a big deal, but this dip can affect your sleep and even cause discomfort at night – after all, you no longer sleep on a flat surface.

Most consider this problem a lost cause; how can you fix something that is bent? While you can’t exactly fix a sagging mattress (the only way to properly repair is to send it back to the manufacturer for repair while it is still under warranty), there are steps you can take to improve this situation. And it’s well worth doing if you’re not willing to buy a new mattress, just like repairing a squeaky bed† Here we show you what you can do to “fix” a sagging mattress.

Why is my mattress starting to sag?