August 14, 2022


How To Remove Channels From A Roku 3 – santosfutebolarte

Learning how to remove Roku channels from your home screen can mean the difference between a neat, organized streaming device and one that is absolutely cluttered with apps you never use. Fortunately, the process is quick, painless, and easily reversible, in case you accidentally delete one of your favorites. And this is part of why we think Roku makes some of the best streaming devices.

One cool thing about all Rokus (including the best Roku devices) is that they store the apps you’ve downloaded in a profile that’s in the cloud. If you get a new device (and if you’ve been with Roku since the mid-2000s, you probably got at least one new device), all of your old apps will be on the journey with you. But you may not want all your old apps. Or maybe there is an app where you canceled your subscription. Or maybe an app recently stopped working and is now just taking up space on your home screen.

You can do this with as many apps as you want. Unlike some other streaming gadgets, Roku does not require specific apps. You can remove Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or any other app you like and replace it with the most niche programming you can think of, if that’s what you like to watch. You can further customize your home screen by sliding tiles using the Move option, which you can also access from the options button. Today’s best roku streaming stick 4k deals