August 14, 2022


How do you do a single-arm dumbbell row?

While strong back muscles may not be as desirable as a six-pack or chiseled arm muscles, there are a number of benefits to working on your back strength. Strong back muscles can help improve your posture, reduce back pain and secure the spine.

But if you’re still working out from home, or if you’re a beginner and find pull-ups daunting, we’ve got some good news: dumbbell rows are a brilliant alternative. In addition to targeting the muscles in the back, a single-arm dumbbell row hits your shoulders, your arm muscles, and your core. In other words, it’s a brilliant compound exercise on days when you want to train your upper body.

But how do you do a one-arm dumbbell row and how can you modify the movement to make it easier or more challenging? Read on to learn more about mastering the dumbbell row. Looking for more training motivation? We found the best exercises to strengthen your backthe best abs exercises you can do it anywhere, and one of the best exercises to train your arm muscles using only your body weight

a single arm dumbbell row

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How do you do a single-arm dumbbell row?