August 14, 2022


How do you do a lateral squat?

If you want to change up your workout routine, consider adding some lateral squats. The term “lateral” means “of, on, to or from the side or sides,” according to Oxford Languages. Lateral squats are a functional lower body exercise that targets the gluteus medius (side glutes) and inner thighs.

That said, lateral squats are a great way to use muscles that are rarely used in the gym, whether on the treadmillstair climber or elliptical. Sometimes we get so comfortable with our normal workout routine that we forget to do it differently, but there’s no better time than now. The best thing about lateral squats? You don’t need a gym to do them. Your body weight is more than enough. To keep up to date with this cult-favorite exercise, we’ve enlisted a few expert trainers to explain how to do this exercise, common mistakes, benefits, and variations that you can practice on your next workout.