August 14, 2022


Repot succulents in 7 simple steps

Know how do you care for succulents? is one thing, but knowing how to repot succulents is quite another. If you’re a fan of these sweet little houseplants, you already know that while they’re durable, they need some TLC. This is especially true if they have grown too big for their pot, or if the soil has changed a few years ago.

It may sound like an intimidating task, but taking the time to do it is essential to keep your succulents healthy and thriving. It won’t take long and the results will be worth it. Don’t worry if it’s your first time. We’ll explain exactly what to do, with tips and tricks to get you started. Here’s how to repot succulents.

How to repot succulents?

What you need

A larger plant pot

Succulent soil

Gardening gloves (optional)

Hammer (optional)