August 14, 2022


How do you care for air plants and help them thrive?

If you like an indoor garden, you need to know how to care for air plants. Air plants can be a wonderful addition to your home, with their thin, curled leaves and exposed roots – that’s right, air plants don’t need soil to survive. They actually cling to other objects and absorb nutrients from the atmosphere. That means you can grow them pretty much anywhere, be it on rocks, trees, or hanging in the air (as long as there’s something to hold onto).

In addition, air plants are relatively easy to grow, with some lasting several years. Some species will also reproduce regularly, allowing you to grow fresh plants from pups. However, an air plant will only bloom once in its life, when it looks spectacular – these curious plants are worth growing for this reason alone. If you’re not sure how to care for air plants, we’ve put together this handy guide to help. We’ll discuss tips and tricks and how to encourage your air plant to bloom.